Thursday, February 1, 2007

Vista - a guy thing?

Reading on Wired the other day about the underwhelmed response to the launch of Vista, the successor to Windows XP, I wondered if it's exclusively men who read this sort of stuff. How many women will you see staring lovingly at the compute magazines in Easons? Not many - in fact, hardly any, ever. My conversations with women on this topic suggest that to the female of the species a computer is something you use to do specific things like work, buy airline tickets or communicate with friends. But the computer itself carries no allure whatsoever for them. Men, on the other hand, look at a computer and see a world of possibilities - it's a sort of magic box. Which leads me to wonder if a world in which the woman's view predominated would need one new operating system after another and ever more gigabytes of RAM? Or would we be happily working away on, say, Windows 98? And would we be one iota worse off? Probably not. Having said all that, can I just point out to all the guys reading this that you can see screenshots of all Windows operating systems from Windows 1.0 here. Drool, but don't let the gals see you doing it or, well, they'll snigger.....

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