Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Barrister jailed despite pleas from ex-wife for Child Support Agency to leave him alone

Britain's Child Support Agency has long been a source of stories about its pig-headedness. The latest is its insistence on jailing barrister Michael Cox  for refusing to pay the CSA £365 a month as an absent parent. Trouble is, Cox isn't an absent parent: his children live with him half their time. His ex-wife, who also works, says she could not hold down a job unless the children spent as much time with him as they do. She has asked the CSA to push off and leave them alone. But the CSA will not be moved. Cox - who is legal advisor to Fathers 4 Justice - must go to jail for 42 days which means, of course, that his ex-wife will have to find some other way to get the children minded so she can keep her job. It's all in this story in The Guardian (you have to work your way down to the middle of the story for this bit). Oh, the CSA is being wound up because it's not very good at what it does. Surprise, surprise.....

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