Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Irishmen over 50 turn to plastic surgery for the ‘menopaunch’

The number of men getting cosmetic surgery in Ireland and Britain has risen by 140% in the last five years, says this story on

The Harley Medical Group, which operates in both countries, also says more than a quarter of the liposuction procedures it does in Dublin are for men aged over 50, it says.

A common procedure now is removal of the ‘menopaunch’, stubborn fat around the stomach area which tends to persist in middle-aged men. Liposuction to get rid of this
costs around €3,700 and requires one week off work and six weeks total recovery, Harley says.

Liz Dale, director of Harley, said men account for 26% of all liposuction operations carried at out the centre in Dublin.

Ms Dale said eye bag removal (blepharoplasty), where surgeons remove loose skin from upper and lower eyelids, was the second most popular procedure among the over-50s. Blepharoplasty costs €5,900 for both eyelids.....

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