Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Most men who have sex changes are happy, research shows

Ever wondered if men who have sex changes are happy with the results? Well, the answer is an emphatic 'yes' according to this story on Medical News Today about a research report in BJU International which is edited by Professor John Fitzpatrick from University College Dublin.

A research team from the Departments of Urology and Psychiatry at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, UK, explored the initial experiences of 222 patients who had undergone surgery and 70 who took part in detailed follow-ups, the story says.

All the patients studied had had their penis surgically removed, their urethra repositioned and female labia constructed. 93 per cent had a clitoris constructed using a section of the glans of their penis and 91 per cent had a skin-lined vagina.

The researchers found that 88 per cent of patients were happy with their surgery at their first post-operative clinic visit, seven per cent were unhappy and five per cent made no comment.....

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