Tuesday, November 13, 2007

30-something single Irish females - desperate women in baggy trousers, bachelors claim

This (a little late) is the text of my Radioscope article in The Irish Times on Tuesday 30th October 2007:

Irish women in their thirties: are they slobs, desperate to get their hands on a man at any price? That’s the sort of impression I took away from this discussion with bachelors on Ryan Tubridy’s radio show. I’m afraid the views of the two bachelors in the studio, Paul and Joe, will have made them few friends among the female of the species.

Paul (39) is a property developer which must make him a desirable catch in our society. He has left a long-term relationship and is single.

Irishwomen are badly dressed, they wear baggy trousers and flat shoes and have short hair, he complained to Tubridy in the text message that got him onto the programme.

When Tubridy asked him to read out the text he amended “Irish women” to “some Irish women” but this may not be enough to spare him the wrath of females scorned. Joe complained about women in their early thirties, in a rush to get married and have kids. During the Golden Minute – the first minute of an encounter, he explained – these women size up the suitability of any potential new partner. I’m not quite sure how they do this – perhaps they look at him with an odd squint or something – but Joe reckons he can sense this going on.

The ones who are the most desperate are the ones who don’t look after themselves, Paul chimed in diplomatically.

Tubridy had interviewed single women the previous week and, judging by the segment he played back to the bachelors, they are as critical of men as the men are of the women. Irishmen, they said, don’t know how to flirt, have an underlying shyness, tend to be rude and once women get to a certain age they (the women) become invisible.

Is there a clue in all this as to why these people, men and women, have not yet found permanent partners?

Mind you, Joe doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. It’s great, he declared, to be able to watch whatever you want on TV all day long and to give yourself lots of space – a declaration which probably brought a nostalgic twinge to some male, married listeners.

In fact, he feared, there is a danger you could get so fond of this life that you could end up permanently on your own but that’s not what he wants.

Chris, who is fifty, found it harder to meet Irish women as he got older so he went to England to meet the apparently less ageist women there. He is now living in the Isle of Wight where he seems to be surrounded by interested females.

And Paul informed us that the new trend among Irish guys is to go out with East European girls. They’re very slim, he said, and they look better than their Irish counterparts. So there.
You can listen to the programme which includes the interview with the lads here.


Anonymous said...

Well I can only hope that the highly desirable,by the sounds of it, Joe and Paul represent only a small portion of the male population. Likewise the women's sweeping statements about men are probably a bit off the mark. It takes all sorts as the saying goes. As for Eastern European girls, perhaps they are slimmer but when it comes to love and a life partner, is that really all it takes- I hope not! Understandably people get a little fed up at times with the mating game but blaming the other side probably isn't the answer. The metaphor of picking up a mirror instead of a magnifying glass comes to mind. No one should lose hope though - there is someone out for everyone...and boys, she might might even be the one wearing flat shoes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just out of a two year relationship with a guy. Been proposed to 3 times from previous relationships and had really hoped the last one was it. Unfortunately no. After a year into the relationship, he reverted into this little boy, wanting everything done for him, to the point I became so stressed out my body reacted physically. As soon as I became ill, he wanted out. So much for committment. Talk to him? In one ear and out the other. All promises and no action. From previous experiences, men in Ireland don't want to take responsibility for themselves. Have yet to meet a guy who can pull his own weight in a relationship. If someone will do it for them, they'll just let them. All they ever seem to want to do is come in from work, sit on their backsides and drink. They'd rather rot on a couch. They don't care. It's all about what you can do for them and what they can get out of you. As for dating Eastern Europeans, even they're getting sick of them. I've met two who've ditched their Irish boyfriends because they were so lazy. I was going to sign up to one of the singles sites saying what harm would it do? After reading your article, I'd rather stay single. I look after my body. My hair isn't short and I wear heels to work and out. Why waste my time with you lot anymore? All the guys do is moan about how badly they're treated. How we're not up to their standards. Take a look in the mirror. Those who are good looking and fit are usually full of themselves and getting divorced. The opposite end of the spectrum have given up on themselves and should be the ones getting married but have been walked on by some b#### and won't try. Then comes the worrying trend. The married guy, with a loving wife and kids at home, but is bored in his life so goes looking for a little excitement. Except the little becomes a lot. And his poor wife is at home unknowing till she catches an STD. Selfishness again. Why should I even bother?

Anonymous said...

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