Thursday, May 22, 2008

Billy Keogh has a dependent mother, seven employees and he's a good businessman - so it's two years for rape

Rapist a man of good character, says judge

If you're a good businessman, have employees and support your mother, you can now have all this taken into account if you're being sentenced for rape.

Businessman Billy Keogh raped a prostitute after she refused to take off his condom. According to the woman, he also claimed to be a member of the Garda (police) and threatened to throw her out the window of the Waterford Hotel in which he met her.

The Waterford businessman later offered her €30,000 compensation but she rejected it. The judge, Mr Justice White, noted that she had been threatened by phone the day she returned to Ireland to give evidence in the case.

Yet the judge went on to tell Keogh, “It is quite clear to me that you are a man of good character..."

He gave him a five year sentence but suspended the last three years, says, according to this report in The Examiner, he was impressed by how Keogh re-established himself after losing his business in 2004 and that he also had an elderly dependent mother and seven employees to support.

You may wonder what the hell these factors have to do with sentencing in a rape case and so do groups like Ruhama - which works with women in prostitution - and the Rape Crisis Network Ireland.

“Our judicial system needs to give the women the confidence to come forward and seek justice," said Ruhama in a very restrained response. "Rape, no matter where it happens or to whom, has a longstanding impact on the victim. Sentences need to reflect this and act as a clear deterrent.”

Some deterrent!

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Anonymous said...

"If you're a good businessman, have employees and support your mother, you can now have all this taken into account if you're being sentenced for rape."

Yes, an now it seems even if you are a prostitute who specialises in having sex for money, and go to hotels for the explicit purpose of sex, you can be "raped". Yes, I'm sure.

Furthermore, alleged verbal harassment has now been elevated to "rape" according to the feminist Irish Courts.

This man is guilty of seeking the prostitute's services, yes, but not of rape.

What sort of stupid-ass masquerading "men's blog" is this anyway?

Anonymous said...

11:39 AM, your closing comment to the blog owner is an incivility.

You might think about prostitution services as services -- not entitlements.

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