Monday, December 22, 2008

Cloyne sex abuse scandal - who matters most, Church or child?

When I covered clerical sex abuse stories for The Irish Times in the 1990s it was clear that children who had been abused by clergy in the Archdiocese of Dublin and who later complained were seen as a nuisance and a threat to be sidelined for the greater good of the Catholic Church.

Judge Yvonne Murphy will shortly publish her report on abuse in the Dublin Archdiocese and I expect it will be devastating for the Church.

Meanwhile the latest report into clerical abuse in the Diocese of Cloyne shows that little has changed in that diocese. The response of Diocesan authorities makes the attitude clear: the Church matters more than the children.


A friend of an abused person said...

Considering they have moved the abuser around for the last 35 years shows that the Church does not care about it Flock, He is still alive and well whisle his victims are are living with the shame and guilt which visited upon them thru trickery and hynotism,,

Anonymous said...

Why have they not brought this bastard into custody, He is still at large and living in Castlemagner, He has destroyed the lives, dreams,confidence , aspirations and has left his victims emotional wrecks, And the church allowed this to happen for the last 35 years, shame on the men of the cloth or are they all tainted, Please refain from putting money on the plate next time you go to mass,