Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Husband has no right to stop use of embryos, court told

A man cannot prevent his estranged wife from using frozen embryos created during their marriage because of the right to life of the unborn, the Supreme Court heard yesterday, says this story in The Irish Independent.

The claim was made on the opening day of an appeal by a mother of two against her failed High Court action aimed at having three embryos implanted in her uterus with a view to becoming pregnant, against the wishes of her estranged husband, it says.

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jjd said...

This is the first I have read of this issue as I live in the UK now, and I have to say I find it wholeheartly unacceptable as a person, let a lone being a man. This woman already has children, and left these embryo's frozen until she was ready to call them down. What is society coming to? Is she the mother, suffering from a menopausal crisis, and attempting to rejuvenate her life?
Why is it in our society we slowly but surely break the fabric of life apart at the seams?
Every child should be entitled to two different parental support structures in life. The best being father/mother as these complement each other giving a balanced viewpoint on life. If not a father a father figure, grandad, father-in-law, mentor (man). I am not being pedantic but it gives the child a more rounded view of the world. Fathers not allowed to see their kids, Fathers not allowed to have any part in conception/rearing/ and shortly no doubt in dealing with childrens death, as horrible as it may seem.

Has our glorious state considered the wellbeing of this child..., I dont think so. How would you feel if you were told your father did not really want you born, and you possibly were conceived in a heartless marriage. Not good grounding for futher branch of the family tree now is it?

And what rights continuing on will this father have, and how will this affect the child? Will the father's rights futher be unheld, or will the child's rights also be abused?

All I can say is shame on you society. You've dropped you guard again.