Friday, April 13, 2007

Signatures sought for Declaration on men's health

The Men's Health Forum in Ireland is asking the public to electronically sign the Vienna Declaration on the health of men and boys in Europe. The Declaration was drawn up at the European Men's Health Forum in Vienna in 2005.

The Declaration is based on, among other things, the recognition that men’s life expectancy is unnecessarily low across Europe. "Death rates from preventable causes at all ages are unacceptably high," it says. "Furthermore, there are significant and avoidable inequalities between countries. Poor health and premature death in men also affect their families and are an unnecessary burden on health services and the wider economy."

It calls on EU governments to take action to improve men's health. The Declaration has been welcomed by the European Commission but the Forum wants concrete action and not just words of welcome. For that reason, it is asking anybody interested to sign the declaration to help to convince both the European Union and member governments that there is support for initiatives to improve the health of men throughout the Community.

If you want to electonically sign the Declaration go to this page.....

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