Friday, May 25, 2007

Angry wife drove car over husband after mobile phone message

Hell hath no fury department:A jealous housewife ran down her husband with a car after a row over another woman, says this story from the Irish Independent. The woman, who pleaded guilty to causing serious harm to her husband on August 14, 2006 and to drunken driving and dangerous driving, was given a two-year suspended sentence at Waterford Circuit Court.

The court heard that the couple had just reunited after a separation of several months.

The incident was triggered off when the "other woman" played back a voicemail message in which the husband claimed he was "mad" about her.

The defendant left the pub in Dungarvan where the message was played on a mobile phone and drove to where her son was fishing with her husband. She drove the vehicle at him twice, leaving him with a fractured elbow, cracked ribs and his left ear detached from the side of his head.

Following surgery, the husband made a good recovery. The couple had a turbulent relationship and a barring order was obtained against the husband due to violence in the home.

The husband told the court that he did not want to see his wife locked up for what she did to him, the Independent story says.

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nicked said...

And in the same paper a few days later,, a man who drove through some security barriers causing €14000 worth of damages (but no injuries) was jailed for 2 yrs!

So a woman runs over a man in her car,causing serious injuries, and gets away with it!
Then a man causes some damage to a building and gets jailed.

Whoever said its a mans world must have been a woman!