Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Girls primp, guys indulge

Women seem generally good at pseudo self-care (primping and plucking) but generally unaccustomed to doing what their body craves (slowing down, saying “no”, creating room for spontaneity, sex, sleep.), writes Courtney E Love in her Composing a Life column on the Crucial Minutiae blog. Men, on the other hand, seem better at this, she says. "It’s not that guys are great at taking care of themselves when they’re sick or eating healthy or going to the doctor–all of which I think of as “appropriate” self-care (girls are good at these cause we’re always worried about being appropriate), but they seem more in tune with the cravings and less guilty about indulging them," she adds. She's wondering what life would be like "if I did exactly what I felt like doing instead of what I thought I should be doing more of the time?" Heck, give it a go and let us know, Courtney. Courtney, by the way, is the author of the book Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body.....

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