Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A walk in the park boosts self esteem

I don't suppose you'd be impressed if you went to your GP because you felt a bit down in yourself and you were told to go take a walk in the park, says my That's Men For You column in today's Irish Times. But research published in the UK last week suggests that a walk in the park may be just what we all need. The column is part of the Irish Times premium content so I can't reproduce it here.

The mental health organisation, Mind decided to examine the mental health benefits of what it calls "green" exercise, it says. The results were quite astonishing. The term "green exercise" refers to taking a walk in a country park, gardening and such activities.

A total of 108 people involved in green exercise activities with local Mind groups were surveyed. A remarkable proportion, 94 per cent, said their mental health had benefited. They reported feeling better about themselves and having a sense of achievement, having greater self-esteem and greater motivation.

You can download a copy of the Mind report here....

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