Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chris Tarrant hit me when I was trying to kick him, complains estranged wife

According to TV host Chris Tarrant's estranged wife Ingrid (right, with rabbit), he "belted me in the face" when she asked him if he was having an affair (he was). This occurred when, as the Sun put it, "Ingrid shaped to kick him." "TREMBLING Ingrid Tarrant told last night how her fragile marriage finally shattered when TV host husband Chris PUNCHED her in the face," is how the Sun opened the story. But it's an opening which ignores the fact that she was trying to kick him at the time. What do I think? I think he should have avoided the kick rather than lashing out at her - and it seems from her account that he went beyond simply defending himself. What I'm questioning is the portrayal of Tarrant as a wife beater when they were both engaging in physical violence at the time and neither of them has a history of physical abuse.....

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