Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We will never escape from this says retired teacher whose husband downloaded child pornography

When a retired teacher's husband was found by the police to have downloaded child pornography, the consequences were immediate and devastating, according to this extraordinary article in the Observer. Both were arrested (she was innocent, he later admitted his guilt) and that very day she had to agree to resign all her part-time teaching jobs. Their adult children had to agree not to let the couple be alone with their grandchildren again.

Two years later his trial has still not occurred. She fears what will happen when his activities become known through the trial publicity - stones through the window, being shunned in the shops, having to move.

They have been receiving emotional help from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a charity which aims to protect children by working with people who have engaged in child abuse or are in danger of doing so. The Foundation also runs the Stop It Now! UK & Ireland campaign for the same purpose. The campaign is based on the Stop It Now! campaign in the United States.

But read that Observer article. It's unforgettable.....

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