Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Weak" Premier League stars let women run the show, Roy Keane complains

Sunderland manager Roy Keane (right) has given a right old handbagging to footballers who let the WAGS - Wives and Girlfriends - order them about, according to this story in the Irish Independent.

Keane expressed his disdain for players he tried and failed to sign this summer because either the footballer or his wife or girlfriend wanted to go to London instead of the north-east of England.

"I find it a bit of a surprise that geography seems to play such a big part, or that players let their wives decide. I think it is weak. Weak," Keane said of the process of recruiting footballers.

"We have had a player this summer who didn't even ring us back because his wife wanted to move to London.

"He didn't even have the courtesy to pick the phone up to us. And shopping was mentioned. It might astonish many people, but it is true.

"If someone doesn't want to come to Sunderland then all well and good. But if they don't want to come to Sunderland because their wife wants to go shopping in London, then it is a sad state of affairs," said Keane.

"Greed will always be a part of the game and that will never change. This side of it, with the Women running the show, concerns me and worries me.

"Maybe it shouldn't really, because the players I am talking about are soft anyway."

Er, right so.....


Paige A Harrison said...

Ogh dear, poor Roy. I look forward to the day he has a female chairwoman running his club!


Padraig O'Morain said...

Perhaps she'll send him shopping!